Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Road Trip

I was tempted to do a film review about Cars on The Midnight Picture Show, but to talk about the film as a whole wasn't the reason I wanted to blog about it. I adore Cars, as I do all Pixar films, because it is so sweet and endearing, comforting and easy on the eyes. So last weekend when I was 'recovering' from working long shifts and going to a friends birthday night out (Ok I admit I was extremely tired and hung over and was feeling sorry for myself in general) I took to the settee with my boyfriend, a big plate of spaghetti in hand, and settled down to watch Cars. I have seen it a million time, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes! But what strikes me about it is the beautiful landscapes; the long winding roads through the dusty desserts and the lovely blue skies.

John Lasseter had the idea for Cars after taking a cross-country trip with his wife and children, and when he returned to the Pixar studios after the holiday he contacted a Route 66 historian who took the animation team out in rented white Cadillacs on a few different trips across the route to gather research and inspire the film. What an amazing thing to do for a job!! So right now I am dreaming about taking a long summer road trip

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