Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Road Trip

I was tempted to do a film review about Cars on The Midnight Picture Show, but to talk about the film as a whole wasn't the reason I wanted to blog about it. I adore Cars, as I do all Pixar films, because it is so sweet and endearing, comforting and easy on the eyes. So last weekend when I was 'recovering' from working long shifts and going to a friends birthday night out (Ok I admit I was extremely tired and hung over and was feeling sorry for myself in general) I took to the settee with my boyfriend, a big plate of spaghetti in hand, and settled down to watch Cars. I have seen it a million time, and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes! But what strikes me about it is the beautiful landscapes; the long winding roads through the dusty desserts and the lovely blue skies.

John Lasseter had the idea for Cars after taking a cross-country trip with his wife and children, and when he returned to the Pixar studios after the holiday he contacted a Route 66 historian who took the animation team out in rented white Cadillacs on a few different trips across the route to gather research and inspire the film. What an amazing thing to do for a job!! So right now I am dreaming about taking a long summer road trip

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sucker Punch

Right now I am loving everything about Sucker Punch; the film, the soundtrack, the artwork, the actresses, all of it. I am currently counting down the days until it's Blu Ray release. You can read my review on it here on mine and Natasha's pretty film blog

Friday, 8 April 2011

El Dorado

I love the film The Road to El Dorado, it is such a beautiful film and it was the first animated feature to use CGI in order to make the gold look real (rather than just a yellow/orange colour). It was the first film I ever bought on dvd and I have loved it ever since. This look is inspired by El Dorado, the City of Gold. Lovely maxi print dresses, turquoise jewellery (which is very on trend at the moment) and tiki style cocktails which get me in the mood for a hot summer, fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Candy Striper

Candy Striper

Inspired by all things super sweet and girly, with candy colours that make for an interesting summer look! I adore Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers fragrances, they come in such cute dolly bottles and they smell like sweets, lovely!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011



I have always loved Katy Perry's music videos as she has such a quirky and colourful style. But when I first saw E.T. I fell in love! It is so beautiful, set in space where Katy is a mysterious alien-like character, who transforms throughout the video. I have mentioned before that I love anything with galaxies and nebulas, which take place as the backdrop for E.T. which are just a treat for the eyes, and the colours are so rich; midnights blues, galactic purples, vivid pinks and bright blue-whites. I am loving anything with a starry print at the moment and this dress is just so pretty, and you could have so much fun accessorising with it. Katy's perfume 'Purr' is out now too, but I haven't had chance to try the scent yet but the bottle is super cute!!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Disney on Ice ♥

I recently went to see Disney on Ice with my sister Amy and my bestest best Natasha. We were like little kids again and were so excited to see the Alice and Snow White! It was so pretty and I wish I could have got better photos (I took these on my Blackberry, which doesn't have the best camera to start with, but also the skaters are so fast!). The story was basically Mickey and the gang going around Disneyland and they did a little show for each of the rides, like Pirates of the Carribean, Space Mountain, Runaway Train etc. The Haunted Mansion bit was really good as it went really dark and the skaters were dressed in white and appeared to be floating around like ghosts! Cinderella also came out in her carriage which lit up, and as I was distracted by the castle Natasha shouted at me "Kimberley, Cinderella is right there!!!" (right in front of us waving) bless her it was so funny!! The only downer was that the merchandise was so expensive (£8 for a bucket of popcorn, £7.50 for candyfloss, candyfloss!!!) I mean, c'mon Disney, don't you make enough money? Apart from that, it was a great evening and it's a perfect show for children of all ages


Lately I have had such a style crush on the Olsen Twins; Ashley's classy and chic style, and Mary Kate's casual, bohemian attitude towards fashion. I adore the Chanel half-tinted sunglasses (what I would do to own a pair!), and they suit both of the Olsen's tastes as they are both edgy, just in different ways. I came across this trench on Polyvore, and I love the girly touch of the frills and the bow belt, so pretty