Sunday, 3 April 2011

Disney on Ice ♥

I recently went to see Disney on Ice with my sister Amy and my bestest best Natasha. We were like little kids again and were so excited to see the Alice and Snow White! It was so pretty and I wish I could have got better photos (I took these on my Blackberry, which doesn't have the best camera to start with, but also the skaters are so fast!). The story was basically Mickey and the gang going around Disneyland and they did a little show for each of the rides, like Pirates of the Carribean, Space Mountain, Runaway Train etc. The Haunted Mansion bit was really good as it went really dark and the skaters were dressed in white and appeared to be floating around like ghosts! Cinderella also came out in her carriage which lit up, and as I was distracted by the castle Natasha shouted at me "Kimberley, Cinderella is right there!!!" (right in front of us waving) bless her it was so funny!! The only downer was that the merchandise was so expensive (£8 for a bucket of popcorn, £7.50 for candyfloss, candyfloss!!!) I mean, c'mon Disney, don't you make enough money? Apart from that, it was a great evening and it's a perfect show for children of all ages

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